Who We Are

Fresh. Local. Community.

We’re a food cooperative in Norwood, Colorado (Community-owned or Member-owner food Cooperative)

Our Mission

We’re striving to offer a market place that…

  • Increases access to quality foods in our community
  • Accommodates small scale local producers
  • Incentivizes the growth of products and food in our region through economy and education


  • Retail Store located on Grand Avenue, Norwood’s main street
  • Health and well-being classes and workshops
  • Coming soon: online ordering and delivery service to Telluride

How We Source Our Food

  • Small and large scale local products
  • Colorado grown/made
  • USA grown/made
  • Organically grown/produced
  • Fair trade and equal exchange
  • Independent small-scale companies

Our Board Members

The Fresh Food Hub Board Members

There are still board positions open, inquire with us if you’re interested or would like to know more about what we do!

  • Leila Seraphin, President

    “I have lived in Norwood for 2 years and bought property in town July 2014 to work on a collectivized bike space/make space and systemic permaculture project. I have experience in grassroots organizing, direct action, and supporting community programs (primarily in Oakland CA my hometown) for over 10 years. I’m on the Board of ACE of Norwood and the Norwood Community Garden. I strongly believe the foundation of a healthy community lies in creating systems and programs that support self-sufficiency and collectivized interactions. Although I am new to town I’m ready to be a part of this community.”

  • Sara Owens, Treasurer

    “I have lived in Norwood Colorado for over 10 years. I’m very interested in food as it pertains to our health, with a strong belief that food can heal our bodies the same as medication. I am an active board member at the Uncompaghre Medical Center and plan to be a supportive board member for Norwood’s Local Food Co-op, The FRESH Food Hub. As a local business owner I understand the importance of supporting our local economy and embracing our local agriculture.”

  • Melanie Eggers, Director

    “Guided by a former career in marketing, I freelance for various businesses including Ryder Walker Alpine Adventures in Telluride. I co-founded an heirloom orchard restoration project, the Apple Core Project, and head up the Local Food Initiative with Leila. In my spare time, I received a Holistic Nutrition certificate from the Bauman College of Nutrition and Culinary Studies out of Berkeley, CA. I lived in Telluride for more than 18 years and moved to Norwood three years ago to plant a garden, cook and eat local, seasonal organic food, and spend a quieter farm life with my husband Erik, Mato and Chayton.”

  • Samantha Andrews

    I joined the Food Hub board to be a voice for the farmers. My partner and I have lived in the area for over 20 years. We own Birdhouse Farm and raise organically grown meat, milk, vegetables, fruit trees, and berries.  We also do construction and forestry work as Bedrock Land Works, LLC. For me, a successful Food Hub would help grow the number of family farms in the west end and their incomes.  I want it to be a fun place to get healthy, affordable food that your neighbors had a hand in making.

  • Kris Holstrom

    I’ve been involved in the local food movement for more than the 30 years I’ve lived in San Miguel County. I have a passion for exploring ways our region can thrive through connecting and growing our local food economy. I’m co-founder and Board President of the Southwest Institute for Resilience. We assist local projects including community gardens, the Telluride Farmers Market and run Tomten Farm – a high altitude, off-grid demonstration/education farm at 9000’ above Sawpit, Colorado. I’m thrilled to be part of the Norwood Fresh Food Hub and local efforts to create a thriving, resilient future through local food connections.

  • Hannah Rossman

    I moved to Norwood first in 2009 as a farming and baking apprentice for Indian Ridge Farm. I left for a few years but always thought about returning to the area. My husband and I moved back in 2012 and I began working as a baker again. In 2016 I started my own wholesale artisan bread bakery, Blue Grouse Bread, that specializes in organic and locally grown wheats that we mill in house. I have a background as both a farmer and baker and know first hand the importance of supporting our local economy through food. I also believe that food truly ties a community together. I joined the FRESH Food Hub board in hopes of helping to boost a self sustaining food system and economy in our region.