About Our Delivery Service

How Delivery Works?

Open online ordering is from 8am Monday mornings till noon on Fridays. The Store is not available to shop at outside of this time frame. Pick up is now at Carhenge, bottom of Lift 7, in the town of Telluride on Tuesday’s from 8:30am-9:30am. We cannot hang around any longer so, orders must be picked up at the right time or will be re-distributed to the food bank unless there is an emergency.

Delivery Fees

Delivery fees are 10% of your total shopping bill.
If you purchase a Membership, you receive 7.5% the regular price. Memberships are $75/6 months and $150/12 months. If you spend about $41 per week you will see the savings.

Minimum Orders

The minimum is $50 per order. This helps us to cover transportation fees. Taxes and the delivery charge do not count towards your order minimum.

Emergency Pickups

Once you place your order it’s final, however, please contact us if there is an emergency. We work with local Food Banks if you choose to donate your order for tax receipt. Or, just have a friend pick up for you!